Welcome to Laws And Associates, Inc.
Integrity in Engineering

•        personalized service
•        economical, energy efficient designs
•        combined 50 years of experience
•        experience in both large and small scale projects
•        diversity in range of projects including: schools, hospitals, laboratories
       and commercial
Company  Overview
Since 1985 Laws and Associates, Inc. has been providing engineering services for architectural
firms and building owners in the Bay Area and the Western United States.  The firm provides a
wide range of services including consultation, engineering, design, and construction review for
mechanical systems.  The firm has a broad background of experience in projects including
commercial, institutional and industrial.
What We Do
Laws and Associates, Inc.'s approach to mechanical engineering is to provide the highest
quality service possible and to justify the trust our clients have put in our firm.  We strive to
produce construction documents that are clear, concise, constructible, and coordinated with the
entire design and construction team.  During the construction phase of projects we strive to
provide timely review of submittals and fast, accurate, responses to requests for information.  
Our allegiance is with the Clients and through our years of experience in the construction
industry, Laws and Associates Inc. knows that we must deal fairly with all the people involved.
Laws And Associates, Inc.
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